Light and Sound Interactive highlights interactive media in Rochester

Rochester, N.Y. – An event that’s coming to Rochester this June will highlight some of the new opportunities for our area in a wide array of interactive media, including photonics, cinema and gaming.

Leaders representing the state, RIT and the University of Rochester were among those who gathered Monday to announce the upcoming 2019 Light and Sound Interactive Conference.

Live demonstrations from industries around the world and guest speakers are being lined up for the event.

“Exciting keynote speakers from Facebook, from Amazon, from the Department of Defense, from the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, from well as Rochester community and the small and medium-sized manufacturers, to showcase their capabilities,” said Terry Clas of the New York State Division of Science, Technology and Innovation. “And that’s that collaborative environment we’re trying to promote.”

The event will run between June 25-27. For more information on the conference, including upcoming events and registration details, click here.

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