Our Approach

Our clients tell us we are refreshingly different — in experience, attitude, and approach. We happily agree.

Our Differentiators:
A senior professional will always be your project manager. We don’t bring big guns to the table only at proposal time and then disappear. 

Always at the table is Dresden’s 26 years experience in journalism and PR and social media. Having been on both sides of the fence, she knows what is newsworthy and how to tell and sell a story. The clients and news media both appreciate this.

We engage you in a unique process known as “story-mining,” which I approach like a journalist. Together we uncover the ideal messages and content to get people talking about you — often news nuggets that have gone unidentified until now.

Our staff has personality and senses of humor. We make the experience of working with a PR firm fun and
enjoyable. We’ve heard some horror stories about how these relationships can go. That’s not us.

To learn how we can make your unique story sing please send us a note.