Who We Are


The talented staff at Dresden Public Relations collectively brings a grounded experience in PR and brand marketing, complimented by a deep knowledge of the inner workings of news media, the communications industry, and the latest social-media trends.

The firm’s director, Dresden Engle, has spent her career navigating the headlines and deadlines of the media, working first as a reporter and editor and then for the last two decades as an international public relations professional. She has won regional and national honors for PR writing and media relations, as well as for social-media campaigns and video production.

Dresden's unparalleled PR talents have earned celebrated media exposure in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today and on ABC World News, NPR, and CBS News Sunday Morning.

She has had once-in-a-lifetime experiences — organizing and hosting press conferences for the likes of Meryl Streep and Roger Ebert — and today Dresden continues to treat all her clients like celebrities.


Memberships and Affiliations

You not only make our jobs easier, but the whole process more enjoyable.
— Marquita Pool-Eckert, senior producer, CBS News Sunday Morning